SCHAEPPI CONSTRUCTION Contractor La Marina Costa Blanca in spain

Schaeppi Construction & Celine Power Int. S.L., Plaza Sierra Castilla 33, 03177 Urb. La Marina (San Fulgencio) / Alicante-España

Call Reinhard Schaeppi : +34  633 265 994 or


Schaeppi Construction is a trademark for quality, service and warranty. 

We are working since 15 years on the Costa Blanca

(La Marina and anvironment) and provide ALL services you need.


One of our specialties are renovations of bathrooms.

We supply all materials such as glass shower curtain, furniture

and since this year the Mirror infrared heating (made by Celine Infra Power).

Led lighting and aluminum / PVC are assembled by our subcontractors.

Our goal is that you are happy when you enter at your new bathroom every day....





Schaeppi  Construction (Piscinas Amanda)

 over 10 years building quality water and earthquake-resistant pools.

15 years written warranty





Belong to our work well as the laying of tiles in the outside area.

Since the new law "energy performance certificate", 2013,

we insulate your home at the best price / performance ratio with outdoor decorations as desired..

HERE..more infos about outside decorating /plaster

! we want to see you happy !...


Solid Garage made ​​by Schaeppi Construction



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